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'Mobility That Lasts a Lifetime' has never meant more than it does today. Ranger All-Season rolled its first scooter onto the market in 1986, and was one of the first companies in the mobility and scooter industry. Since then the changes to the industry have multiplied at an alarming rate. But the need for a rugged, durable scooter remains.

The mobility market is flooded with imports of lesser quality. As the market demands cheaper and cheaper products, somewhere quality and customer service went out the window. Despite this trend, Ranger has stayed the course and continues to make our hand-assembled scooters right here by hard-working Americans.

When you consider how long our scooters last, and the minimal maintenance required, this makes Ranger the best value on the market bar none! If you are a mobility dealer, give your customers the best scooter on the market. Satisfied clients mean returning clients.

When you buy Ranger, you are assured the quality that has been consistent with the Ranger name for over 25 years. Our customer service team, with decades of industry experience, assures that you are in expert hands when you need to reach out to us.

From our Spirit travel scooter to the Solo XT550 bariatric unit, we have a product that will meet your needs. Our Safari and Solo lines have proven over the years to be dependable and durable units that will allow your clients a fuller and more independent lifestyle. Or if your needs are commercial, our LugBug Convenience Shopper, our ECV (featured at Disney) and our rock-solid platform carts are the best on the market.

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